Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekly CVS Post

I rolled all my ECB's this morning. I wasn't able to get 2 things, another Crest Night, and 2 bottles of pro health mouth rinse. They would have been paying me $4.50 to take them because they generated full price ECB's and I had coupons for them in addition. I may stop by on Friday to see if they've been restocked. All of these items were generating ECB's this week, and I had coupons for all of them. Here's what I came home with...
-16 rolls Viva paper towels
-3 bottles clean and clear facial cleanser
-6 tubes colgate fresh max and advanced clean toothpaste
-1 tube crest pro health night toothpaste
-2 18ct boxes Playtex GG
-2 Lady Speedstick 24/7
-1 8oz Purell
-10 bottles Palmolive 13oz

Spent: around $27. Got: $43 in new ECB's. My ECB's keep growing. I'm hoping soon my spent will be back near zero, and my ECB's will just keep rolling over and over. That's the goal.

So, the good thing about this morning's CVS run was that we have a new manager. He applauded my excellent shopping skills, was very friendly, and was sent to our store to "fix it" (his words). Our CVS has many bare spots on the shelves and it is practically impossible to get the advertised sale items if you don't pounce on Sunday or early Monday morning. I always try Monday morning (since I don't shop on Sunday) and it can be difficult. He assured me that he will be making sure that the shelves are more fully stocked from now on. He said they are not purposefully running out of all the sale items, the previous manager just wasn't preparing for the sales properly. So, good news for me.


Leslie said...

you're amazing. soon they'll be posting your name and picture near the entrance to the store, right under that new manager's name.
maybe you'll even get your own parking spot. but now that you're prego, you can use that prego one! :)

Erika said...

You know, I don't think I've ever used the "pregnant/new baby space". I would always feel bad because I generally always feel like I'm too healthy to use it. I leave it for the tired waddling pregnant women.

superherotrainer said...

Yeah our CVS was always out of the advertised items. I went last week on a Thursday afternoon and was able to get everything on my list. I saved $44 with previous ECB, coupons, and a $4 off $20, I was so excited and got another $20 or so in ECB. I am no where as good as you are. I can aspire though :)

Erika said...

That's a good time to go. The truck restocks ours on Thursdays also. Our store never gets the crates unpacked until Friday though. Maybe the new manager will change that. I'm flattered that you are an aspiring CVS-er. I thought everyone just read my CVS posts and secretly laughed about my craziness. I do love a bargain. It's a fun game.