Thursday, June 12, 2008

Training Pants & Our Potty Training History

B did the Pull-ups and it took her about 6 months to train (of course we did start early at 18 months because she was trying to change her own diapers).

J did the cloth training pants during the day and Pull-ups at night/nap and trained in about 2 months (we got all of our huge collection for free from a family friend who worked for Gerber clothing)

L has been doing Pull-ups for about a month now, and the problem is that she wants a new Pull-up every time she makes the slightest drop of wetness in them. Sometimes even if they are completely dry she wants a new one. So this morning I hauled my rear end up into the attic to get down our 20+ pairs of awesome training pants. I expect this move to do two things...1. get her to train faster since when she wets them immediate action needs to be taken, she can't just walk around comfortably like she can with the Pull-up...2. be environmentally responsible & save money, because going through 10 Pull-ups each day is neither good for the planet, nor my budget. Especially since my washing machines are high efficiency and run at least once per day anyway. We will use 2 Pull-ups a day now, one for nap, and one for night, because I've got better things to do than wash sheets every day and lose precious napping minutes due to accidents.

For my next trick...I will potty train a BOY! That of course will likely be 2-3 years down the road.

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