Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Hoppy Burt-day Pumpkin! Hoppy Burt-day Do Do!"

I think she was trying to tell me to put a candle inside her pumpkin that I helped her carve today. Burt-day=candles. I love 2 year old reasoning. She tries so hard to communicate. She's not shy with the pumpkin saws or guts either. She grabbed a saw and scoop and started attacking that pumpkin like a windmill! Pictures forthcoming after all pumpkins are carved. Back to work!

Early Voting

I voted on the way home from my Dr appointment this morning. Let me just say, early voting is the greatest invention ever! I walked in, handed them my license and voted. It took 5 minutes total. It would have taken 2 minutes if I was a straight ticket kind of girl, but my votes don't fall along party lines. If you have the option to early vote, DO IT!

I have to go have a CT scan on my neck now, as the ultrasound on my thyroid showed that while it is large, it is within normal limits, but my lymph nodes need additional scanning due to some medical term which basically means there are nodules in my neck up to 1.6cm in size. I'm ready for a break in medical care, so hopefully this will be resolved soon.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


In my ongoing attempt to journal the lives of my crazy peas, I'm attempting to sprinkle in some quotes of the things they say that strike me as funny, or reveal their personalities, development, etc. I made them each a silhouette. When you see the silhouette, you'll know who I'm quoting. Hopefully someday, they'll find these things amusing.


"I wasn't very fond of my Gator of the Week presentation either."

The View From My Bike

Student of the Week...MELTDOWN

If you have the distinct honor of knowing my sweet girl, this picture needs no explanation. J does not enjoy being the center of attention. The tears started falling as I walked her to her class this morning and abruptly ended as soon as she was "off the spot" and back at her seat. She just cried. No talking, no question answering. I held her and answered all of the questions. Her classmates clapped for her anyway.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

B&J and I made these cupcakes on Friday. We got the instructions out of Family Fun magazine. Also on Friday, the little peas and I attended a playgroup, and on Friday night, we all went to a fun church activity. It's the most socializing I've done in recent memory, and it was exhausting. I think Daniel broke my social bone. His introverted ways are rubbing off on me after 13 years of exposure. My goals for this week involve a laundry mountain, last minute Halloween stuff, and work.

I've been terribly unbloggy lately. I think the main reason is that with my new super flexible work hours, I don't waste any time on the computer. If I'm on the computer, I'm working. I don't sit around reading, and blogging like I did before. It's a more effective use of my computer time, that's for sure, but it doesn't help the blogging. I've set a very aggressive personal goal for the next 3 weeks to raise the entirety of our Christmas budget. You know I'm nothing if not ambitious, and I love a fun challenge. After that, I should be back around the blog circuit more. TTFN!


His handsomeness is legendary (around here at least).

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Tip

These peas have been having problems with a flaky scalp condition of some type lately. I decided to search online, and found the suggestion of making a paste of baking soda and applying that for 10 minutes. As you can see above, that's what I did. It seems to have worked. At least X's scalp is almost 100% improved. L's probably needs a few more treatments with the baking soda. Her hair is thicker, so it was harder to get her scalp thoroughly scrubbed. They thought I was a little bit crazy pouring this stuff on their heads, but decided to be good sports about the whole thing.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Creative Play

L has recently developed a passion for pretend play. She takes over all of B's elaborate scenes while she is at school. Here you can see she is putting Dora down for a nap inside the greenhouse. She will make up stories and talk the whole time, including creating dialogue for the characters. There is always a dad in the stories, even if a random object has to play the role of dad.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


The highlight of my Saturday so far...paying $2.76/gal for gas. It was a beautiful thing.

The lowlight of my Saturday so far...being forced to acknowledge a diminishing milk supply problem. Stupid thyroid!

Carry on...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Mock Elections

B&J voted in mock elections at their school this week. I've heard it said that these mock election activities often just reflect the politics of the parents. I beg to differ. My daughters both voted the opposite way that I plan to vote. To be fair, they both just picked without really having any clue. We don't typically discuss politics around the house. It's not really our scene. Most of our topical conversations revolve around academic subjects, literature, and entertainment...not world news or politics.

I must be out of shape, because I just spent 2 hours playing air hockey, and Wii Sports with the kids, and I am sweating up a storm. Who knew these things could be so aerobic.

*L is currently playing the piano softly and singing to herself. I could eat that child some days. Yesterday she pointed out the window and gasped, "OH NO! OH NO! Is Dwibbling Mama!" I love how she says drizzling. This morning she tried to convince me not to put "unders" on her because she didn't want to use the potty today. "NO Mama! NOOOO UNDERS! Want Pu-Wup"

In other news, I'm working for another company from home now. I have reached the point where I can barely commit to scoring shifts for test scoring because of the fixed nature of the schedule, and it's only seasonal anyway. The new gig is not particularly awesome pay, but it 100% flexible in the amount and time of work. Work as much, or as little as I want, with no set schedule at all. Anytime day or night. So, that's good. I know I could really use some extra cash for Christmas. Who couldn't right?

Have a great weekend y'all.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First Haircut

L got her first haircut yesterday. This is the first step in growing out the natural mullet that my daughters sport for the first 2 years of their lives. The worst part of the first haircut is how old they look afterward.

Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm Not Dead

I'm just trying to fold/scrub/wash my way out from under a laundry/dirty bathroom/dish mountain. I feel obligated to finish this task, and plan a Family Home Evening for tonight before I go back to blogging about the randomness I call life and my new obsession with hand beading hair clips (it's addictive fun I tell you). Want to help me plan my FHE? Should we have a family air hockey tournament, or watch the Nancy Drew movie that we have from Netflix? Maybe both? That would be time consuming.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our New Toy

We have a very nice retired couple that live next door. They are very sweet to us, and love our kids. They like to bring them little gifts and comment on how they are the best behaved children ever. What's not to love about neighbors like that? The icing on the neighborly cake was when they got a generator after the hurricane and invited us to plug our refrigerator and tv into it until our power came back on. They are lovely people. My mom caught the husband secretly watering my sago palm tree in the front yard after I transplanted it because he was afraid it was going to die and knew we were busy with the new baby.

Today, they scored even more awesome neighbor points when they offered us this air hockey table. They had bought it a few years ago for their grandchildren to play with, but they've started to outgrow it. Now, I just need to find a place to put the darn thing (at least it's not as big as I imagined it might be).

Friday, October 10, 2008

Why My Brother Is Awesome

Well, there are a lot of other reasons. But....look what he made me...
Okay, I promise to stop obsessing over hair clips now. Back to your regularly scheduled programming. The new Etsy link will reside in the side bar. I will add more to the shop as time allows.

Tomorrow...2 simultaneous 8:30am soccer games...Yippee!

The Great Thing About Blogging Is...

The Audience. Where else in life can you spend 2 days wasting your time doing something fun, and then force a captive audience of readers to look at the photos. Gotta love that. So, scroll right on by this post if you don't want to look. My daughters are seriously doing their best Smeagol impression over these things. Crazy girls.

October is...

going the way of September. Honestly, am I the only one whose life seems to be streaming by at an alarming rate of speed? It's getting ridiculous. After wasting all of my free time for the past 2 days endlessly beading hair clips for the Nutsy Sisters*, I'm getting serious about cleaning today. Cleaning on a Friday is a sucker's game though. I know the peas will tear this place up by Monday morning and I'll be starting all over again...such is life.

*B and J have an obsession with the little acorn-like nuts (I think they may be Oak nuts, but I don't know) that fall from the trees by their school. B started bringing home pockets filled with them her first month of Kindergarten, two years ago. As happens with everything in our home the nuts were immediately anthropomorphized and became known as "the Nutsy Sisters". After a few months I end up finding stray Nutsy Sisters that have dried and cracked open. Once they crack, I throw them away. Don't worry, a fresh crop of nuts should be starting to come home in pockets again soon. So, sometimes I like to refer to the B&J using their clever nut inspired moniker.This little punk stole and smuggled a package of Swarovski beads into the bike trailer yesterday morning, opened them, and lost quite a few. When I figured out that the package was missing, I spent 20 minutes trying to understand where she put them. She kept saying what sounded like "drawer" (I checked all the drawers). Finally, she pointed at the garage door and said "drawer" which I eventually figured out was actually supposed to be "trailer".

Speaking of her speech, she was crying in the car the other day after we left the grocery store. She kept screaming "Ha Tie Errrrr". After 5 minutes of hysterics, I figured out the item in question was...hand sanitizer. What can I say, she is obsessed with hand sanitizer.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I can't make them fast enough

Okay, so here is what I've been working on...
This set was made with small clips, beading wire, and Czech glass beads
This is one of the sets of hair clips that I've made. They're cuter in real life...I need to figure out how to photograph/light this sort of thing. The girls are completely obsessed and ask every morning and after school each day, "Have you had a chance to make us anymore hair clips Mama?" Because, you know I've got nothing more important to do than spend 24 hours a day making them hair clips. They love them so much that B took hers out and put it in her desk so that she wouldn't lose it at recess (so out of character for her). Also, J's little kindergarten friend told her that she liked her clip and she was going to take it from her, so she took it out and hid it in her lunchbox. I told J not to worry so much, and if that friend takes her hair clip she can always tell her teacher, or I can make her another one. Such drama!

The back story: My girls have inherited my slippery hair. 99% of all the cute hair accessories made slide right out of our hair. We really only have luck with this type of clip, and I've never found any that had the look of what I would call hair jewelry. So, as I said...I decided to make them myself. Then, my kids freaked out like they were the greatest thing ever, and I found designing and beading hair clips to be tremendously fun and relaxing. Watch out...they may be coming to an Etsy store soon. I've been waiting to think of something cute to put in an Etsy store since Etsy started back when I only had 2 kids.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Don't You Hate When...

you want to buy something that doesn't seem to exist. What does one do when they have an idea in their mind of something that they want and no amount of shopping or googling turns up suitable results? Well, if it is one's "Mom's Night Out" and they happen to have no where to go, and wander into a Hobby Lobby, and the stars align in a flash of brilliance (okay...not so much brilliance that was an exaggeration) buys supplies and attempts to make the item in question. My first attempt turned out less impressive than the image in my mind, but my kids loved I will persevere and continue to my next attempt. Details to follow once I have something worth photographing.

P.S. Guess what is NOT A BARGAIN? Swarovski crystal beads, but they are so pretty!

A Big Day

J should probably be ditching the training wheels soon.
We'll have to try it over a school break.
B&J rode home from school without me yesterday. Riding home from school involves coming down about 500 yards of sidewalk with a large pack of kids and turning into our circle (no street crossing required). It's not really a big deal, except according to Daniel...I'm overprotective. It took exactly 6 minutes from the time they exited the building until they were in our driveway. I of course was standing there taking pictures like an idiot. It went well, and it looks like I will now not have to wake the babies up from their naps every day to get the big girls. I was telling my mom...I can tolerate the 5-10 minutes of nervousness waiting for them to come down the sidewalk in the afternoon, but I need to ride with them every morning so that I can watch them enter the building and know that they are safely there. I can't imagine spending all day wondering if they made it to school without incident. That will probably always be beyond my comfort level...I'm a worrier.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Soup and Salad

I'm on a soup and salad kick. I have a strong tendency toward food fixations. For months it has been granola. I could NOT get enough granola. Now, that's fading to a few times each week. For meals lately though, I've had a taste for nothing except soup and salad. After I ate the above pictured lunch for the 5th day in a row last week, I snapped a photo...for posterity, and slow blog days. I guess you could call this a slow blog day, since the 6 loads of laundry I just folded while watching License to Wed (stupid movie) did not provide me with any enthralling writing material.

Since we're discussing food here, as usual, here are two other food items that I've been enamored with as of late...

I'm not joking when I tell people that I could live on salad and ice cream alone. They are by far my two most favorite things to eat. I've gone through several bottles of the new Kraft Honey Dijon Vinaigrette in the past couple of months. I've also had many unfortunate run ins with Snickers Ice Cream Bars, enough run ins that I decided to glance at the calorie info on the side of the box a few days ago (18o not too bad). I blame my local HEB for putting a hang tag with $1.50 off coupons right next to the Snickers bars making them around $1 per box. I'm trying to fight off the urge to pick up 10 boxes for my freezer, because I don't trust myself with that kind of supply.

Clearly I have issues because just writing this post is making me salivate, and I haven't eaten lunch yet...time to go eat a giant salad (and maybe a Snickers Ice Cream bar to wash it down). Happy Nap Time!

Friday, October 3, 2008

I Don't Smoke (why I think hypnosis is stupid)

I don't smoke. I've never, ever, in my life smoked anything. I've never felt any inclination to smoke anything for that matter. Gold star for my parents, right? The problem is, I have THE MOST VIVID MEMORY of smoking a pack of cigarettes inside my office, during my former career. It is so vivid, I would swear that it had happened if I wasn't absolutely sure that it didn't...I dreamed it. I dreamed it years ago (maybe 6-7 years ago) and somehow my brain misfiled it as a real memory. When I think about different events from that time period, this particular memory will come to mind, and then I realize it never happened. This is why I don't believe anything that people "recall" under hypnosis. I honestly think if you hypnotized me more than one of these vivid dreams would probably come up and be passed off as real memories. Does anyone else have this problem? Or am I just weird?...scratch that...I know I'm weird. Do you believe in "recovered memories"? I firmly DO NOT think these memories are 100% credible.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

2 Problems Solved in One Day

Well, since my mom volunteered to host our Thanksgiving dinner after this morning's blog problem is solved. Now, I just get to do the fun part, like make some pies and show up. Yay for me! She also called from the store asking if I needed any pirate stuff. What can I say? She's just Johnny on the spot today, or Grammy on the spot. Alas, I had a somewhat productive morning and solved my costume problem. If you are actually interested in my Halloween Costume shopping, read about it here. Now, since apparently all I have to do is blog about things to resolve my problems...I could really use a million dollars...knock, anybody listening?

Alright Mr Smarty Pants...

Who took it? Fess up! September just 5 minutes ago, and now it is October. I want to know who is responsible for this travesty of justice. Ike was it you? One moment I'm a free wheeling, youthful 29 year old with plenty of time before the holiday season...then...BAM! October. sheesh.

I live my life in a constant state of attempting to stay organized. "Attempting" being the key word in that sentence. Here I find myself...on October 2nd, with no Christmas presents (which I've usually gotten on sale throughout the year and only need to add specifically requested items by this time), no Thanksgiving plans nailed down (maybe Grammy can handle that this time around which would leave me happily hosting Christmas this time), and finally...the most frightening of all...NO HALLOWEEN COSTUMES! In October! gasp. I am really off my game this year. How am I supposed to turn my peas into a band of swarthy pirates if I haven't even gotten started yet? I'm getting a little woozy, someone get me an IV of energy STAT!