Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Big Day

J should probably be ditching the training wheels soon.
We'll have to try it over a school break.
B&J rode home from school without me yesterday. Riding home from school involves coming down about 500 yards of sidewalk with a large pack of kids and turning into our circle (no street crossing required). It's not really a big deal, except according to Daniel...I'm overprotective. It took exactly 6 minutes from the time they exited the building until they were in our driveway. I of course was standing there taking pictures like an idiot. It went well, and it looks like I will now not have to wake the babies up from their naps every day to get the big girls. I was telling my mom...I can tolerate the 5-10 minutes of nervousness waiting for them to come down the sidewalk in the afternoon, but I need to ride with them every morning so that I can watch them enter the building and know that they are safely there. I can't imagine spending all day wondering if they made it to school without incident. That will probably always be beyond my comfort level...I'm a worrier.


Shauna said...

I agree...I have to see them get to school safely. I get better and better with them riding without me in the afternoon, however, until I see them, I hold my breath!

Fooferoo said...

Ugh, not looking forward to sending my kids off to school. It's not that far away but we don't have sidewalks most of the way there I'll be walking with them until middle school. At least I'll get some exercise I guess.

superherotrainer said...

I worry like that too.