Thursday, October 9, 2008

I can't make them fast enough

Okay, so here is what I've been working on...
This set was made with small clips, beading wire, and Czech glass beads
This is one of the sets of hair clips that I've made. They're cuter in real life...I need to figure out how to photograph/light this sort of thing. The girls are completely obsessed and ask every morning and after school each day, "Have you had a chance to make us anymore hair clips Mama?" Because, you know I've got nothing more important to do than spend 24 hours a day making them hair clips. They love them so much that B took hers out and put it in her desk so that she wouldn't lose it at recess (so out of character for her). Also, J's little kindergarten friend told her that she liked her clip and she was going to take it from her, so she took it out and hid it in her lunchbox. I told J not to worry so much, and if that friend takes her hair clip she can always tell her teacher, or I can make her another one. Such drama!

The back story: My girls have inherited my slippery hair. 99% of all the cute hair accessories made slide right out of our hair. We really only have luck with this type of clip, and I've never found any that had the look of what I would call hair jewelry. So, as I said...I decided to make them myself. Then, my kids freaked out like they were the greatest thing ever, and I found designing and beading hair clips to be tremendously fun and relaxing. Watch out...they may be coming to an Etsy store soon. I've been waiting to think of something cute to put in an Etsy store since Etsy started back when I only had 2 kids.

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Wendy said...

I remember that about B's hair. It was never the same in the morning as it was in the afternoon after recess. I have enjoyed watching J play at recess this week. It makes me miss B in class and at dismissal. I know they are enjoying their bike ride though!