Friday, October 3, 2008

I Don't Smoke (why I think hypnosis is stupid)

I don't smoke. I've never, ever, in my life smoked anything. I've never felt any inclination to smoke anything for that matter. Gold star for my parents, right? The problem is, I have THE MOST VIVID MEMORY of smoking a pack of cigarettes inside my office, during my former career. It is so vivid, I would swear that it had happened if I wasn't absolutely sure that it didn't...I dreamed it. I dreamed it years ago (maybe 6-7 years ago) and somehow my brain misfiled it as a real memory. When I think about different events from that time period, this particular memory will come to mind, and then I realize it never happened. This is why I don't believe anything that people "recall" under hypnosis. I honestly think if you hypnotized me more than one of these vivid dreams would probably come up and be passed off as real memories. Does anyone else have this problem? Or am I just weird?...scratch that...I know I'm weird. Do you believe in "recovered memories"? I firmly DO NOT think these memories are 100% credible.


Sam said...

I don't think you are strange. It is just like the dream people have of being naked in public or the falling off the cliff dream. I think, sometimes, that my dreams show how I'd like it to be. Maybe in your mind, though you know it isn't true in your conscious state, smoking is seen as cool- think old movies and a beautiful woman walks into an office, smoking a cigarette, wearing heels, red lipstick, a tight bodiced dress, and a look of determination on her face. Maybe it isn't the smoking, but the association with old movie coolness? Just a thought

Katelynn said...

My mom once told me a story (this was when I was, like, 10), and several years later, I told her the SAME story, as though it happened to me.

She was mad that I was lying, but I TOTALLY thought it was my memory, not hers. I was so embarrassed. How could it be so real in my head and not really happen?

Thanks for sharing. I don't feel so weird anymore.

Daniel said...

This shouldn't be too surprising as the same part of the brain (the hippocampus) is central to both memory formation and dreaming. I guess there are some theories that dreaming is a mechanism that the brain uses to reinforce memories, moving them from short term to longer term storage.

The human mind is hardwired, in many respects, to deceive us.