Friday, October 10, 2008

October is...

going the way of September. Honestly, am I the only one whose life seems to be streaming by at an alarming rate of speed? It's getting ridiculous. After wasting all of my free time for the past 2 days endlessly beading hair clips for the Nutsy Sisters*, I'm getting serious about cleaning today. Cleaning on a Friday is a sucker's game though. I know the peas will tear this place up by Monday morning and I'll be starting all over again...such is life.

*B and J have an obsession with the little acorn-like nuts (I think they may be Oak nuts, but I don't know) that fall from the trees by their school. B started bringing home pockets filled with them her first month of Kindergarten, two years ago. As happens with everything in our home the nuts were immediately anthropomorphized and became known as "the Nutsy Sisters". After a few months I end up finding stray Nutsy Sisters that have dried and cracked open. Once they crack, I throw them away. Don't worry, a fresh crop of nuts should be starting to come home in pockets again soon. So, sometimes I like to refer to the B&J using their clever nut inspired moniker.This little punk stole and smuggled a package of Swarovski beads into the bike trailer yesterday morning, opened them, and lost quite a few. When I figured out that the package was missing, I spent 20 minutes trying to understand where she put them. She kept saying what sounded like "drawer" (I checked all the drawers). Finally, she pointed at the garage door and said "drawer" which I eventually figured out was actually supposed to be "trailer".

Speaking of her speech, she was crying in the car the other day after we left the grocery store. She kept screaming "Ha Tie Errrrr". After 5 minutes of hysterics, I figured out the item in question was...hand sanitizer. What can I say, she is obsessed with hand sanitizer.

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superherotrainer said...

I will join L as a hand sanitizer obsessor. Since I started working in the schools I use it regularly hoping to hold off the thousands of germs running around that place.

On a side not Ultra Tiger popped up with the fever/sore throat thing last night. He was the only one who hadn't gotten it yet in our family. Crazy bug!