Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Student of the Week...MELTDOWN

If you have the distinct honor of knowing my sweet girl, this picture needs no explanation. J does not enjoy being the center of attention. The tears started falling as I walked her to her class this morning and abruptly ended as soon as she was "off the spot" and back at her seat. She just cried. No talking, no question answering. I held her and answered all of the questions. Her classmates clapped for her anyway.


Carmen said...

This is just too cute. I have to say I feel for her though. As a fourth grader I willingly took an F in the drama section (my only non perfect score) rather than do one minute of standing in front of the class attempting charades. I also dreaded the daily elementary school roll call as it meant I had to say "here" and they could never hear me and I always had to say it again. Ulimately embarassing (or so it seemed at the time). Oh the perspective of a little kid.

Mary said...

J still looks so cute and sad at the same time. I certainly can understand how she feels because I also disliked and still do being the center of attention or having anyone notice me. I have always preferred to stay in the background, especially when I was in school. She is such a sweet little girl with emotions very close to the surface. I have never liked getting up in front of people. I was put on the spot last Sunday to give the opening prayer in RS and I ended up being very emotionl through the whole prayer. I was rather embarrassed.