Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dare I Say It?

I think (knock on wood) that X is finally past his screaming at all times when not being held phase. It was a looooooooong phase for him. The past few days he has finally been rolling around all over the floor and playing with toys, instead of screaming until I come back and pick him up. It took at least 2 weeks of putting him down for occasional 15 minute periods and letting him freak out, but I think it finally worked.

We talked about Gratitude for FHE last night and decorated J's turkey project for school. It's a kindergarten thing that B did 2 years ago also. They send home a turkey and later a tree, and you are supposed to decorate it as a family. J enjoyed being the one to dictate the project. We all gave her ideas and she approved or denied what we could work on.

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