Monday, November 24, 2008

Dusty Camera

My camera has been suffering from lack of use lately. I feel like I've barely taken any pictures in weeks. I need to remedy that.

The girls have the whole week off of school for Thanksgiving, and we started out this morning by cleaning the house. They mopped and did the upstairs, I vacuumed, cleaned bathrooms, and washed sheets. It's good to have a clean house, it relaxes me.

Now that the "babies" are down for naps,and everyone had lunch, we just played a few rounds of Hit the Deck, and are all using our computers. J needed me to log her in to Pixie Hollow, a big favorite around here. She needed to create a new screen name though. When I asked her what I should put, without a moment's hesitation she said, "Rachel DaisyWings." Ummm...okay. What? does she have a secret bank of aliases stored in her brain for just such an occasion as this? She's such a nut.

Daniel is working half days today and tomorrow, so I am anxiously awaiting his arrival so that I can escape to the grocery store. Tomorrow afternoon I have my appointment with the oral surgeon and then we schedule my wisdom teeth extraction.

Happy Monday!

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