Friday, November 14, 2008

What Goes Around Comes Around

I've noticed a trend the past couple of years. Everything that I wore in middle school is coming back into style. I think that makes me officially old. If only I still had that pair of paisley parachute pants with matching shirt from second thought that would still be hideous. I did read that Hypercolor is back in style though, you know you had one. Let's just be honest.

I'm expecting any day now my daughters will be asking me to help them peg their pants and find them some Sam and Libby ballet flats with the giant bow, or some of those Bass moccasin shoes. I hope they don't want me to make the beehive shaped laces. I never managed to acquire that skill and it may come back to haunt me yet.

B came home today showing off the snap bracelet that she got out of the treasure box at school. Ahhh...snap bracelets, I remember you well. I think my mom drove all over Palm Beach County trying to find me some snap bracelets (circa 1990). They were a hot item and therefore hard to come by. I think we finally found one at a Ben Franklin Crafts (do those exist anymore?). It had yellow smiley faces all over it. Good times. I may have to hunt some down for stocking stuffers this year since I saw J-bean eyeing it like it was magical. I hope I don't need a time machine to find them.


Shauna said...

Ben Franklin Stores are gone from this area. No fears.. snap bracelets are not extinct!

Wendy said...

I loved my purple and pink hypercolored shirt! You get the bracelets from Oriental Trading. They are a huge hit in the treasure box! I miss having t-shirts made with metallic sparkles at Ben Franklins. Last one I heard of was in Merkle, TX.