Thursday, December 4, 2008


Daniel took these pictures of L getting the mail with her backpack on while I was having my wisdom teeth out. She's been totally obsessed with wearing this backpack all week. I can't say why.The small speck of vanity that I still have left almost prevented me from posting this picture. However, I strive for reality here, so I put it aside. Here is my face yesterday, 1 day after wisdom teeth removal (I only had 2, top ones though the swelling makes it look like the nonexistent bottoms were removed). Only one side of my face really swelled and bruised, but they managed to scrape up my lip, and I have cuts inside my cheeks (I suppose those could be my fault from biting them while my face was totally numb for 6 hours).

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Melissa Saldivar said...

But on the bright survived and don't have to worry about diet as you probably can only have jello and soups until you feel better. Everyone else will have to starve some after everything they ate over Thanksgiving so that they can eat again as Christmas gets closer. I love the sweets myself but have to tell myself that just because I can button my pants that is NOT attractive to have the fat hangover it (works for men more than women). Hopefully you are starting to feel better.