Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Getting Crafty With My Bad Self

I'm putting a picture of B and J's stockings on the blog. You know, in case they meet with some tragic fate. I would hate to have no photographic evidence of the hundreds of hours spent making them, especially B's.


pam said...

Did you cross stitch that? If so, I am really impressed.

Erika said...

Yes. B's took 4 years (obviously I took long breaks from it). It was impossible, and tiny stiches, lots of color blends, on a blank piece of Aida cloth. J's was a printed pattern, larger stitches, etc. Hers took 3 years (with long breaks due to having 2 more babies). I started L's last week. Hers is like J's, printed pattern. I fully intend to finish it this year. I've done a good amount already in just a week. X's is ready and waiting for me to start next. His is crewel. It will be my first time trying crewel. My own stocking is crewel (my grandmother made it).

emilyw said...

These look amazing! I remember when you were working on finishing B's stocking while you were here. These both look fabulous! Hope you had a great Christmas! Miss you!