Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Did It!

I stuck it out and finished reading Twilight. I talked about my opinions here for those who don't remember. After finishing, my final opinion is..."Meh?" I could take it or leave it. It is a moderately engaging story, told poorly in my non expert opinion. If I had just randomly picked it up and read it with no expectations, I would have said, "Well, that was a nice little story." I'm feeling a little more harshly toward it due to the tremendous popularity and passionate feelings that so many people seem to have about it. I don't really get that at all.

I felt mildly obligated to read the rest of the series, so obviously I would like to know how the rest of it turns out. I guess that means I didn't hate it. Do I want to know enough to waste my precious free time reading them? Maybe not. I put my name on the waiting list for New Moon (99 person waiting list at my library). I laughed and figured, "In a year or two when my name finally comes up on the list, I'll probably actually feel inclined to read it." Then I realized, my library has digital checkouts available now. So I checked on it. Low and behold, they have these books available, and new moon only has a 7 person waiting list on the audio version. So, in a few weeks, I'll download it to my MP3 player, and listen to it while I'm doing something productive. Voila! I love technology.

On a side note, I downloaded The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel to listen to for now. I'm loving this digital checkout business. I'm also currently reading the The Tales of Beedle the Bard to the girls. My brother gave it to me as a Christmas present. Thanks Jordan!


Carmen said...

Curt read the series over the holiday break. He was surprised that I could stomach the sappiness given my aversion to all things emotional. All I can say is that while reading I can hurry through the over the top "beautiful, marble, god-like creature" crap and thoroughly enjoy the self depreciating humor. I can't say the same about the movie though, as all they carried over was the sappiness. I did find the stories engaging enough to read them all.

Mary said...

I loved the Twilight series. The way you feel about Twilight is the way I have always felt about Harry Potter - absolutely no desire to read the books nor see the movies. They just aren't the kind of books I enjoy reading. But everyone has their own likes and dislikes which is fine.

superherotrainer said...

We love the digital audio checkouts from the library. One of the best things ever in my opinion! It is especially nice for Retep who usually only has time for audio books. Also, great for the kids.

I know this might sound strange, but I found I liked the books even more after seeing the movie. I wasn't even that big on wanting to see the movie. We were going to see something else and it ended up being sold out, so we went to Twilight. There were some obvious cheesy parts and not great cinematography at certain points, but there was something about the two main characters on screen that got to me.