Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm reading Twilight

Well, more accurately, I'm trying to read Twilight. I feel like the last woman in America to read this book. I'm about 35 pages in, and I'm trying to stick it out. In my personal opinion, the writing is awful and the story is transparent so far. I'm struggling with the lack of richness in the language as I can't even create a good mental picture. Oh, and I dislike the main character so far too, she seems snobby and morose. I'm really not understanding why everyone loves this book. I'm going to attempt to finish it, as I put it on hold at the library about 18 months ago, and it's finally my turn. I'm glad that I was skeptical enough not to waste money buying it.

Lest you think I am just being a literary snob, I love Harry Potter. We all do. Daniel and the girls just finished all 7 books together. Their comprehension level and memory of each story is shockingly complete too. They read a chapter every night for the past 7 or 8 months to do the entire series. I love the depth of the alternate world she created, the development of the characters and plot, and the themes of love, sacrifice, and free will.

Okay, I'm going to at least finish the first book. That way, I can say that I gave it a chance. My apologies to those who think that it is sacrilege to not love the Twilight series.


Gardener said...

stick it out... true, the writing is not the best, but the story is one YOU will relate to. I mean the high school, first love stuff, not the vampire stuff. ;)

I enjoy Meyers character development. She is very detailed, so she can go on about something for pages. But as a story, I can't help but admire people like Meyer, Rowlings, Lucas or Tolkien for their creative minds. I am glad some people were blessed with these imaginations. I love to read about the worlds others create. I am too busy to do it myself and I am a horrible writer. ;)

Wendy said...

Let me know how that works out for you. I haven't even started because I wasn't sure if it could compare to HP.

Erika said...

It's getting a little better. No, it will not compare to HP by a long, long, longshot. It is, however, a somewhat engaging story, told poorly. It may help to have a background that helps you relate, i.e. a teen "true love" story of your own to draw on for what is lacking in the actual writing. Fortunately, I do have that. I wonder though if that actually makes the story less addicting. In other words, I preferred the real experience the first time through.

Leslie said...

i've been harrassed in my new ward for not liking the book. sue me! i disliked it for the exact same reasons you listed above. my sister and i felt the same way about it and thought that perhaps our taste was just too sophisticated. we grew up on LM Montgomery and Jane Austen. So maybe we're snobs, but Twilight just didn't do it for us, either.

Shauna said...

I have a total love/hate relationship with the Twilight Series. The main character is exhausting and whiny, the writing is not great. I felt the first 3 books could have been 1 book. The writing is far too wordy and it wanders all over at times.I think the writer takes far too much time to just "spit out" the story.
The last book was the best of the
four, yet I am still wondering why I read all 4. They just get under your skin.
I don't have desire to see the movie, but maybe when it is available from Netflix, I will see it.

Chris said...

Never read hp. I watched the movies. I would rather watch 2.5 hrs of movie instead of spending days reading a book. Some people would say I miss out on stuff from the book. But if I never read the book how would I know.

I listened to two of the twlight books on Cd while driving around in the car. Why read it when someone can read it to me. Yes i'm that lazy.