Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pre-finished Hardwood Flooring Installation

I ask a question in the hopes that someone reading this can steer me in the right direction. Let me preface this by saying, I recently came into some 100% flexible, well paid, at home contract work for a major corporation (hooray!). So, I of course immediately started scheming about a few house projects and things (like a 10 year anniversary trip to Hawaii) that I want to put this extra cash toward.

So, onto my question. My first planned project is ripping out our downstairs carpet, and putting in some pre-finished hardwood floors in its place. I want to do the downstairs areas that have carpet, except for the master bedroom. This is about 600 square feet (3 rooms and a hallway). I have serious reservations about having Daniel install this. Not because he wouldn't do an awesome job. I know he would. He just takes an EXTREMELY long time to finish projects that he starts and I don't want to put that on him unless I have no other choice. Does anyone know how much it would cost to have someone install it? Does anyone have a person to recommend for this job? Or should I embrace my natural cheapness and let Daniel do it? I'm conflicted. Help! I'm trying to get an estimate of how much this project is going to cost me, and there are too many variables right now.

Thanks in advance for any input. The carpets in this house are quickly turning to garbage thanks to 4 messy short people. Eventually I'm going to have to recarpet the upstairs/stairs too.


Wendy said...

We had new floors put in during spring break. We used Mohawk flooring that we had Jack's Carpet on 59 and Sugar Creek install. We did have some issues with the lack of communication between the guys from Jacks, the contractor, and us. I can email you more details tonight and look up the square footage and the cost tonight as well if you would like. My sister and her husband did bamboo floors from Lowe's and had them come and install. I think they were pleased with the work. We found that it depends on the type of floor you wanted. Jack's was cheaper for us and Lowe's was cheaper for my sister.

Erika said...

I was leaning toward bamboo, but I'm not 100% committed to that. Basically I want a good price, LOL. I've considered ordering from a place like lumber liquidators and hiring someone to come and install. I'm worried about finding someone who will do a good job though.

superherotrainer said...

Okay, I was looking at my floors tonight and I was reminded of this post. Here is my opinion, take it or leave it. Hire the work out. I think it is worth it especially in our area where the foundations shift and the houses always seem to be resettling. It is easier for them to fix any unlevel spots (we ran into that problem, of course our house is a lot older). Take it from one who had concrete floors in most of her house for 5 months and then an unfinished hallway for two years. Save yourself the headache and hire it out.
Also, it is worth the money to get a better quality flooring. We got our from lumber liquidators and installed it ourselves, but I wish we had gone with a little better quality. I like the flooring that has the groves in between the boards. Retep's parents flooring has the grooves and I think it gives it a more finished look.

Erika said...

Good advice. Thanks.