Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Time Is Ticking

I'm running out of time! I have a new employee type of net meeting to attend at 5pm today, an enormous pile of dirty laundry, 2 holiday class parties to attend Friday, a ton of baked goods to make for Thursday, an empty refrigerator, a stocking to finish making, a mountain of presents to wrap, a Christmas dinner to plan and execute for an unknown number of people (could be 9 could be 22 no one knows) and many more things I am surely forgetting. Maybe we could just freeze time for a couple of weeks and I could catch up. Please?! Anyone have a time freezing machine? Anyone? sigh.

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mamasarunner@gmail.com said...

I feel your pain. "Busy" is now my new middle name. I was born to stay busy, as written in my baby book. My mothers words were, "busy busy, busy, she is always busy". Not much has changed....sigh

Wanted to let you know that my website address has changed. It is now: www.mamasarunner.blogspot.com

I enjoy watching your children grow up via Internet. I have passed on the link to your chicken pot pie now to colleagues. Thanks for posting it. Oh, and for the record, growing cherry tomatoes was very successful this past summer. Thanks for the recommendation!