Monday, January 5, 2009

Bringing It Into Balance

Sometimes I get frustrated. I feel like my entire life (at this point) involves just trying to bring everything in our life back to a zero station of sorts. The kids went back to school this morning, and Daniel went back to work. The baby peas and I continued trying to dig out of the hole. The laundry hole, the dishes hole, the toys scattered over every square inch of this relatively large house hole. You know the one. Mostly, I tried to do all of this in 5 minute bursts alternating with building with blocks, wiping bottoms, saving X from behind every door in the house (he likes to get stuck behind doors), etc.. So, I work and work and work all day, and if I'm lucky...and the stars align...I make it to zero. The laundry done, dishes done, kids happy, and house generally inhabitable. I should probably embrace the fact that this is success under the circumstances.

This is why I work part time (at home). It is the tiny little part of my life where I do something that involves more than bringing things back to even. I can do something, and feel like I accomplished something other than redoing the same series of things that will only be undone by nothing more than the ticking of the clock, over and over and over.

This sounds like a depressing post. It's not meant to be. Tone is sometimes hard to convey on the internet. I think there must be some kind of secret to being satisfied by the process of bringing your home back into balance again and again. I don't know the secret. If you are totally satisfied by this process, feel free to enlighten me as to what I'm missing. I would be totally happy to do a few things... be at home to take care of the kids, cook and work on the side. Unfortunately, I don't have people to come clean my house and do my laundry and dishes on a daily basis. That would be awesome. I underestimated the sheer volume of cleaning, dishes and laundry that having 4 children would create. The kids are great, I certainly wouldn't change it. But, holy moly do they create a ton of housework. It's legendary. I have no idea how my mother in law survived the housework involved in having 8 children. I can't wrap my mind around doubling what I already do now.


Fooferoo said...

Let me know if you find the answer...I swear my house was clean last Wednesday and now it looks like I didn't do anything for 3 weeks.

Shauna said...

I hear you and wish I had a magic secret to divulge.