Friday, January 30, 2009

J's 6th Birthday

Today my sweet girl turned 6. Where has the time gone? She had her first "friend party" this year, as her anti-social nature has made her disinterested in such a proposition in previous years.
As I mentioned she wanted to go the Star Wars Clone Wars direction for a theme. This was a bit puzzling to some of the little girls, but they survived. We walked home from school together. Then, we did a Yoda inspired treasure hunt which ended with the discovery of a gold box full of light sabers. We had pizza, Yoda soda (lime sherbert and Sprite) cake, and ice cream. We broke open the death star pinata. I should have taken a picture of it before the laser beam flew off of the eye thingy. And, we opened presents and played outside. It was pretty low key and fun. I know J enjoyed it, and that is the important thing.Blowing out candles.
I love this picture of Jedi L, it is one of those pictures that perfectly captures her personality.

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Leslie said...

i love low-key birthday parties! great job, sounds like fun. we're gonna have to try that yoda soda. :)