Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Reigning in my plans

I am so glad that I didn't rush to have my floors done when I got that contract to work for the giant corporation that shall remain nameless on the blog. They recently did some layoffs, and some of the contract workers holding this same temporary contract have been laid off with no notice or reason. I never did get my confirmed "start date". Maybe eventually it will show up and surprise me. Under the current circumstances, I'm not holding my breath. As long as Daniel keeps his job, I'll be happy...even though his big company suspended all raises and numerous other things this year. My part time work is not at all necessary to pay our bills, and I am so thankful for that right now. Yay for exercising self restraint...I must be growing up. I guess there are some advantages to getting old.

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superherotrainer said...

Sorry to hear this. This economy really bites!