Monday, January 19, 2009

The Week That Doesn't End

This has been like the week that doesn't end. Daniel was at work endless hours last week. Then he had to go in on Saturday, and Sunday (before and after church). Now we are on to a new week, and he is headed back to work. The kids have had a 3 day weekend, and I've been going it alone. It stinks. I can't wait for his project to be finished...not that the comp time he ends up taking off will replace spending a 3 day weekend alone with 4 completely crazy children. They have been so unusually hyperactive lately, I need to reign them in. Hope your weekend was better than ours!

*We're just thankful that Daniel has a job, and I'm trying not to complain too much about how much he's been working recently.

Things we accomplished alone this weekend:
*Cut down 3 dormant plants in the backyard
*Weeded the garden and added a layer of new garden soil
*Planted peas, radishes, and lettuce
*Wrote and gave 2 talks (speeches at church) and a lesson
*Did some laundry, dishes, and kept 4 kids alive and entertained
*There is still one more day to go. Maybe we'll get some cleaning done amid the crazy today.

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