Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wii Fit

I'm madly in love with my new Wii Fit that finally came yesterday...and not just because it told me I weigh 106 pounds and have a BMI of 19.22...but that helped. I almost kissed it (because my scale and my flabby baby belly is telling me 110). I wonder how accurate that is? It unfortunately followed that by telling me my Wii Fit age is 45 years old! 45! Hello! Not good. Sigh. It is so fun. Fun and hard. I LOVE IT! Now I need to get my mom over here to try it. I know she would love it too. Do you have a Wii Fit? Do you love it? "Hello. Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone home?" Name that tune. I'm feeling a little loopy today.


Shauna said...

I totally want a Wii Fit! Santa did not bring one, so I may have to take matters in to my own hands.

superherotrainer said...

I love the Wii Fit. Enjoy! Have you done the hula hoop yet? That one really makes you feel sore!

Erika said...

The hula hoop is one of my only talents. When Daniel tried it I laughed so hard I almost pulled a muscle laughing. Then he started laughing because I was howling so loudly and almost fell off the balance board. I need to get a new video camera (we bought ours 8 years ago) that loads straight onto the computer without tapes. When I do, the first thing I will video tape is Daniel on the Wii is a sight to behold.