Thursday, February 5, 2009

A banner day for solid foods

X has heretofore shown disdain for any solid food that is not pureed and emblazoned with a Gerber label. I've been surprised at how long this has gone on, because I can only compare him to his sisters, who at 8-9 months started pounding fistfuls of pasta and Cheerios like they were stranded on a desert island. I've been joking that I would need to send him to college with all of his meals pureed and in a cooler. After trying many different options, today's combination struck his fancy...shredded colby jack cheese, torn up whole wheat bread, and diced peaches. It was a very exciting development. I may actually be allowed to sit down to dinner one day and not have to spoon feed him while my food gets cold. Yipee!

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