Thursday, February 12, 2009


I was running a bath for X this afternoon. He was standing outside the tub looking in while I stripped off his stinky clothes. Why is it that when he makes a stinky diaper his clothes stink for the rest of the day? 4th child, first experience with this ongoing problem. But I digress...the moment I unfastened his diaper and it dropped to the floor he laughed. Then, proceeded to urinate all over the side of the tub in an arc like he was watering a tree. Good times.


Nikolas, Emily, & Co. said...

Hilarious. N did this for the very 1st time last week and we laughed so hard. Immature, I know!

Shauna said...

Welcome to my life times 3! Boys will "go" anywhere and find delight in every moment of doing so.
And boys...they just stink...Their rooms, backpacks, etc. It is a constant battle.
Thanks for the laugh!