Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Good Valentine's Day

We hope you all had a happy Valentine's Day. I thought ours was great! Simple and relaxing, and wonderful.I made pink heart shaped pancakes for breakfast, with purple eggs (they looked gross) and bacon. We exchanged some handmade Valentine cards and the kids opened their little Valentine bags that I put together every year. Nothing fancy, just some little holiday trinkets and boxes of Star Bursts, Star Wars puzzles for B&J and a book for L. Since most things are inappropriate for a baby, I just gave X his Valentine card, which he promptly sucked on, and some of his new favorite Gerber snacks. We then proceeded to spend half the day in our pajamas while we watched Prince Caspian. Daniel had at least half of the family sitting on his lap through the whole thing. The little kids took naps, the big girls played. I started working on an itinerary for our Disney trip and had Daniel measure the girls for ride height restrictions. B is 48" and J is 45". That means not only is B now tall enough for every ride (J is tall enough for all except 2) but she is also finally tall enough for the water slides at our neighborhood pool this summer!

We fed the kids dinner, got them ready for bed, and they finished the tail end of a movie they had started earlier in the week called the Princess Stallion. Then they went to bed. Daniel and I managed to maintain our Valentine tradition. I think it has been running strong since B was born 7+ years ago. We ordered dinner, he picked it up, and we ate a late dinner in bed. Some traditions should not be trifled with. There was one year when I was pregnant with L that he waited too long to order dinner and I fell asleep hungry. Hungry and was a travesty of justice. He hasn't made the same mistake since. I wonder sometimes...when we don't have young children anymore, and have the option to actually go out somewhere on Valentine's Day, will we? I don't know. I'm pretty happy with the tradition as it stands.

I suppose you could say we also went on an early Valentine Date last Friday night. My parents watched the kids. We had dinner at a little Italian place that I like and went to see Daniel's cousin perform in a high school play. It was a major production, that I was surprised to see at a high school level. They have an enormous theater including an orchestra pit. The actors had the little wireless forehead mics and everything. Very impressive.

That sums up our Valentine related activities. It was a fun, family day. I think my favorite part was the Valentine card/book that B made for Daniel and I. It had little one liners that she made up on each page, including "Nothing is more valuable than my parents" and "You are my specialest treasures". Priceless.


Lelani said...

I didn't see you today!!!! Where do you live? I could stop by your house .... Let me know.

Lelani said...

btw, let's switch those to one PB and one lemonade, 2 caramel delites and one shortbread! thanks.

Erika said...

I didn't see you either today. Our address is in the ward list. I would post it here, but that doesn't seem like a smart idea, LOL. Anyway, if you want I can just drop them off to your house, just let me know when you are home. You can email me if you want, and tell me when to drop them off at