Wednesday, February 4, 2009

If you are looking to book a Disney World trip...

If you are looking to book a Disney World trip, I would suggest looking into it now. There are some great discounts available at the moment (look under specials from the main page or click the book 4 night packages get up to 3 free advertisement). They seem to be filling up really fast. The week that I was trying to book, I had to squeeze us into one room and cut down from 7 to 6 nights to get any availability, but I got a crazy awesome deal, and they are giving away $200 gift cards on the packages to boot. Our last Disney trip was 2 years ago this month, and we are itching to go. I don't think we've ever gone this long without Disney World before. The girls are super excited (including me because I never get tired of Disney World)!

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