Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm going to drown in Thin Mints

I'm picking up the 150 boxes of girl scout cookies that we ordered tomorrow. Now I need to figure out how to unload at least 130 boxes, because I don't need more than 20 boxes of girl scout cookies for my personal consumption. I decided to just order the amount to meet B's goal and sell them when they come in. It is so annoying to try to get people to "commit" to cookies and then have to wait until they come in. I'd rather just offer them to people with an immediate supply to hand over. I'm a little nervous about who the heck I'm going to get to take them, and that is $525 worth of girl scout cookies that I don't want to have to eat myself. So, if you are local to me and have any urge for girl scout cookies, let me know and B and I will personally drop them off to your front door. They are $3.50 per box and we have...
Thin Mints (60)
Lemonades (30)
Peanut Butter Patties (20)
Caramel Delites (15)
Thanks A Lot (15)
Shortbread (10)


Fooferoo said...

Can you take them to church and dress the kids up extra cute that day? Around here they put up tables outside all the entrances to the grocery store and bombard you when you come out the door.

150 boxes is the target now? Wow!

Wendy said...

I will take thin mints and peanut butter patties. Yeah!

Lelani said...

Hey, I'll take some. Not sure where we could meet. I like the caramel delites (will take 2) and peanut butter patties (2) and short bread (1).

Lelani, 281-302-6817