Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Pressing Issue (not really)

I was not informed when I moved to Texas that I would no longer be able to get a decent rack of baby back ribs or some pulled pork to save my life. If I had been informed, I might still be living in Georgia, or better yet Florida where they knew how to bbq and how to make a vinegar based sauce. I know this sounds uber dramatic...but I would probably pay to have Park Avenue ribs, coleslaw, and fries and a bottle of sauce shipped to me right now. The website does say "home delivery now available". I wonder if they have a 1200 mile delivery radius? What I'm saying is I NEED SOME BABY BACK RIBS!!! Not nasty, fatty, gelatenous beef ribs, LEAN, PORK, BABY BACK RIBS. A vinegar based red bbq sauce would be ideal too. Extra points, my undying affection, and a thank you gift to anyone who can point me to someplace in the Houston area to acquire such a thing. Sigh...oh ribs...I've missed you so.

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Shauna said...

You are making me appreciate what I have in my own backyard!
I am shocked you cannot find decent BBQ in Texas.