Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I can't think of a good title for this post. I'll be here sporadically this week. I am "busy, busy, frightfully busy"...name that song. I'm in a scoring session this week, so I'm working a 4 hour shift every day. I've finally found the right shift to maximize the overlap with nap time. It's been going well. I'm also finishing up testing for another contract position without fixed hours. I like working, but prefer to choose my own hours with complete flexibility. Then, I can correspond entirely with naps/nights without difficulty. It's a tall order.

We went to Ikea last night and got a storage unit with bins for the playroom. It is not attractive, but we broke down and just got what would be the most functional, disregarding looks. The picture above is similar to what we got. It is the Trofast system. Ours is the light wood, and our bins are pink, green, and blue. Once we get it done, I'll take a picture. I found a more attractive dark wood cube unit, with the fabric bins. But, I know that my little kids would tear those fabric bins apart in about a month. They are not gentle with things. We are overhauling upstairs yet again, in an attempt to resolve our disastrous mess issues. I've got shelves set up for B in her room, and told her all of her personal belongings should go in her closet. I moved a white storage cabinet we had in the playroom into J & L's closet, and told J all of her personal belongings needed to be put in that closet. A lot of the problem is that all 4 kids things get mixed together into a 4 room disaster area. The big kids are now responsible for their own things being put away in their own designated closet every night. All of the little kids toys will be organized into the new storage unit in the playroom with overflow/oversized items in X's closet. Daniel is picking up a label maker on the way home. I expect this to help with the worst spot in the whole house...J/L's closet. Their walk in closet always looks like something out of one of those awful shows about hoarding. You can't see the carpet, there are clothes mixed in randomly with all of the piles of unsorted toys, etc. Not cute.

Luck has finally smiled on me in regards to soccer. Daniel scheduled J's team practices on Tuesday evenings to coordinate with B's practice. That means he can come home on Tuesday, pick them both up and take them to practice. This saves me an hour and a half of being trapped in my car with the babies while B practices. Yay!

If you have a Netflix membership...watch the documentary "Paperclips" on instant watch. I had it on while I was working yesterday. It was great.

This ends my post of random information. I can't guarantee any mind blowing blog topics this week. Heck, when have I ever delivered a mind blowing blog topic?! Hasta la vista!

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