Tuesday, February 3, 2009

She's Growing Up

I'm so proud of J today. Apparently, a girl in her class (a girl who she shares a mutual friend with) wrote "I hate J" on a piece of paper and decorated it with flower stencils. She saw or heard what the girl was doing and was about to tell her teacher when two of her friends stepped up and reported the incident to the teacher. The teacher supposedly tore up the paper, threw it away, moved the girls clip from green, and sent a note home to her parents. The kid in question tried to claim that her sister had written "I hate J" on the paper. J says this kid lies a lot. Kindergarteners are hilarious. Did she really think she could get away with blaming this on a sibling who isn't even in the class?

I talked to J about it. And B and I explained to her that sometimes people say and do mean things because it makes them feel better to make other people feel badly. We don't do those things in our family, but sometimes other families are different. She was very calm about the whole thing and even said that she was thinking maybe this girl was jealous about not being invited to her birthday party (we only invited 2 kids in the class), or jealous of J's friendship with the friend that they share. I was impressed by her reasoning skills. She is definitely growing up. While I'd rather these things not happen at all, growing experiences are necessary...even the unpleasant ones.

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Walker Family Adventures said...

A snot of a girl told A. in Gymnastics that she was fat, and had a fat tummy. I was FUMMING. And could spot the little brat a mile away. Needless to say A. is NOT fat and we had a huge selfesteem boost in all our bragging about how awesome she is at gymnastics and everything else she does. All I know is girls are mean and need to get a life. On top of that, in Kindergarten, I completely put the blame on that Mom and if it happens again I WILL approach that woman. I love that J. teacher did what she did. GOOD FOR HER!!