Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Summer Activities

We have a family policy on extra-curricular activities. That policy is, that you can choose one thing to do, at a time. I'm a firm believer in not over scheduling my kids, and giving them plenty of time to play and relax. Exceptions may be made on occasion. For example, B participates in Girl Scouts, but we haven't been counting that as her activity, and it is not every week, only twice a month. Luckily J has not had an interest in scouting, which is great. B won't be scouting any more after this year...her interest is waning quickly. I'm rambling. So, the girls wanted to play soccer again this spring, and they are. They had decided to join swim team for the summer. I was all ready to register them, when I decided to confirm that they were still dedicated to the idea. I reminded them that they would have practice almost every day, early in the mornings in the summer, and every afternoon for a month before school lets out for the year. They were not feeling quite as eager in the face of an every single weekday commitment. They decided to request an Art class (B) and violin lessons (J) for their summer activities. I'm sure we'll still be found at the pool quite regularly, but we won't be committed to such a strict schedule. Maybe they will feel more inclined to commit to swim team next year. We shall see.

I know that I can get B into an art class through our neighborhood youth programs. I'm not so sure where I am going to find a violin teacher for J (preferably not a super expensive one). Does anyone have a suggestion for a violin teacher? Feel free to email me... Thanks!


pam said...

Brooke Nelson teaches violin, I love that you don't over schedule kids. I am going to make that a policy in our home too.

Enjoy the Ride said...

Brooke Nelson. She teaches piano and violin, and is excellent at both. Too bad about swimming, I felt the same way as your girls.

Shauna said...

Look for a Suzuki Violin Class. Great method for her age.

Janice said...

Perhaps you could consider a high school student in the band to teach her violin. It could be a win-win situation. Cheaper for you and an opportunity for a student to earn some extra money.