Saturday, February 21, 2009

When life gives you lemons... donuts! Daniel had to go to a stupid camp out last night. Abandoning us on a Friday night/Saturday morning should be against the law. The worst thing after a long week is being left alone half the weekend too. We tried to make the best of it. The peas and I watched City of Ember last night, which we quite enjoyed. I had scheduled myself to work today from 10am-2pm (because I thought Daniel would be home). So, we woke up this morning and made a trip to our local donut shop. I looked like a crazy woman with 4 kids, and I could tell my insistence on letting them individually choose the donuts was driving the employee crazy, but too bad for her. The kids had fun, and if she had to wait an extra few seconds while they made their decisions, oh well.
We came home and ate our donuts. Even the little Mr. had a glazed one. How could I deny him his own donut on such a rare occasion? Then we took a walk to the park and played for about an hour. I wish I had brought the camera. L was having so much fun on the swing that she breathlessly shouted "Awesome!" I think she picked that up from her sisters. The little chuckle head was enjoying the baby swing a lot this morning too. Laughing like a crazy man and showing us all of his gums. Have a good weekend!

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