Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Coupon Class Tonight

Coupon Class tonight at my house. I will be pretending that I am an active couponer, lol. Actually, I will admit I am not currently employing the strategies presented in my power point presentation. But, if people still want to learn from a poser, I will teach it. I am making Pioneer Woman's bacon jalapeno thingies, fresh corn and black bean salsa with chips, and my chocolate chip cookies. So, hopefully that will distract from my less than stellar couponing habits. I also need to do some cleaning up around here, and get some work done...it's the last day of the month...GASP! Back to the kitchen.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Father Daughter Dance

Yesterday was crazy. Two soccer games, girl scout cookie booth, dance setup, execution, and clean up for our Brownie Troop's Father Daughter dance. It was a good time. I even cheated and danced with my girls for awhile despite not being a part of any father/daughter couple. I wore the wrong boots for dancing...ouch.

*Thanks to Grammy and Grampy for watching the babies while we danced the night away.
Juli, Daniel, and Bella, arriving at the dance.I was having trouble shooting with practically no light. Here is one of Daniel and Bella.Juli, breaking loose and shaking it.I can't say I know what this discussion was about. Clearly Jules found it hilarious.After Daniel and Juli were worn out and hungry, Bella decided to stay to the end and did some serious dancing with her girlfriends.Photographic evidence that I was there, setting up, cleaning up, doing the hokey pokey, etc.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Last chance for cookies this year

Cookie sales end this weekend. I still have an obscene number left. If you want any girl scout cookies, this is your last week to buy them until next year. I'm putting my leftover boxes into my freezer after sales end this weekend. Shout if you want any. Thanks.

Interested in a 2009-2010 Preschool Co-op for 3 year olds?

Leia needs to start preschool in the fall. She is getting really bored when her sisters are at school. I ran a preschool co-op for Bella, and it worked out really well. I suppose I could enroll her in a local preschool, like we did with Jules. I thought I would put a shout out here first though, before going that route. I'm looking for 2 or 3 other moms of kids who will be 3 this upcoming school year, who want to do a Tuesday/Thursday co-op, that coincides with the local school calendar. We can rotate weeks among the 3 or 4 families, with each person hosting a week (a Tues/Thurs). When I did it last time, I just made up a calendar, and assigned each week a "theme". Each parent came up with their own lessons and activities for their days. Some of the things that I did on my days were: stories, worksheets, hands on learning activities, puzzles, games, snacks, crafts, etc. I found 2.5 hours to be a good length of time for this age group, like 9am-11:30am. Home in time for lunch and nap. If you are interested, or know anyone who is...feel free to comment. Or email me at peapodpink@gmail.com


Monday, March 23, 2009

Disney Photo Movie

(Turn on your sound if you want to listen to the audio.)

Disney Photo Movie from Erika on Vimeo.

First Birthday Approaching

As X's 1st birthday approaches in just a few weeks, I thought I would post this picture of J on her first birthday. The resemblance amuses me.

Our Glorious Home

We're home. :)

After spending a lovely week in a crowded Walt Disney World, and sharing a single hotel room with Daniel, and all 4 kids...my house feels like the Taj Ma'freaking hal. It is wonderful. I'm pretty sure that the best part of taking a vacation, is the part where you come home.

I'm drowning in the recovery phase of laundry and cleanup. I'll be back later. :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Update: So far she's holding down all her food today and in a better mood. Daniel gave her a blessing last night, and I sanitized every door knob and toilet in the house. I have a ginormous bottle of sanitizer on the counter and keep sanitizing everyone. My hands are probably going to crack off from all the sanitizer. Back to packing.

L vomited on Sunday night in her bed. She's barely eaten all week, but hasn't thrown up again...until tonight. We DO NOT need this right now!!! This is terrible timing. Let's hope it ends quickly. My main concern is it spreading through the family.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Testing Video Footage Part 2

Dang these take forever to load. I need to change the setting to record in regular def, instead of HD.


Testing Video Footage


Monday, March 9, 2009

Weed Procrastination

I spent the first half of Saturday de-weeding my back lawn. There were several spots that looked like this. There were some dead spots in our lawn from hurricane related stress, coupled with having a downed fence lying on it for several weeks, last fall. All of those dead spots are where the weeds went bananas. Now that it is weeded and mowed, it looks a thousand times better. Hopefully I can squeeze in some time to pull the weeds in the landscaping this week. Texas weeds are so daunting. There were a few that had grown to the size of small trees in just a month or two.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Princess Party

The birthday princess and mommy princess.
Our niece had a princess birthday party today. Isn't she adorable? I took B&L out there to celebrate. Unfortunately, J had her first soccer game of the season at the exact same time, so she wasn't able to attend.Belle and JasminePost party collapse

Friday, March 6, 2009

Facebook and Burying Hatchets

Facebook is an amazing thing. I'm not really into it, per say. However, I can't deny the fact that the ability to connect with basically everyone you've ever known in your life...is really surreal.

This week I was contacted by an old high school/college friend that I had a "falling out" with. It seems so silly now. I can see now in hindsight, that some people who are great friends, should just not be roomates. It amplifies things. Anyway, I received a friend request from this particular friend a few days ago, which was very surprising considering the circumstances. I mean, we hadn't spoken in 12 years. It has been very enjoyable catching up.

I had a nasty habit of running away from situations that involved conflict in my teens and early twenties. I would have rather written someone off and walked away, than have to work things out. It is a character flaw that marriage and children have pretty much beaten out of me. I'm glad that facebook has given me the opportunity to bury the hatchet with an old friend. It's very freeing. Who will come out of the woodwork of my past next? We shall see.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Waiting For My New Toy

We have a very old digital video camera. We bought it right before our wedding, 8.5 years ago. It uses the digital tapes, and is generally annoying. I've been wanting one of those new cheap and easy little numbers that fits in your pocket for awhile. Our upcoming trip was a good enough reason to get one. I regularly chastise myself for not taking enough video of the kids, but look out blog readers! That is all about to change. I of course set Daniel to the task of comparison shopping and ordering it. It is easier to relegate technology purchases to him, rather than suffer through his whining that you made a bad choice. Here is what he decided on...(I can't wait to try it out)

Of course this means that the children's first names will inevitably end up on the blog via video. I've been fighting that for almost 2 years now. I've made my peace with it. With all the blogs on the internet that post people's full names and addresses, etc.. I'm just going to have to deal.

Rings Found!

Now I can move on to the other million things I should have been doing today. It appears that L (or perhaps someone else) knocked them off my high dresser with her ninja climbing skills. Then, X picked them up and placed them inside my bottom dresser drawer...along with a tootsie roll wrapper. His favorite activity is to open and close all the drawers in my room. I had put a $5 bounty on them for the big kids, and a "treat" bounty on them with L, but I'm the one who found them. I guess I owe myself $5. Welcome home little rings. I missed you.

My Wedding Rings Are MIA

I'm hoping that by posting this, I will jinx them back into appearing from the abyss. They must be here somewhere. They disappeared sometime since yesterday afternoon. I always put them up on my high dresser so that the little peas can't reach them. They are not there. As long as I don't put any bags of trash out until they turn up I assume they will turn up. This is a frustrating thing to be spending time on right now. I haven't lost my rings since we've lived in this house (2.5 years). It's a much bigger search area than our old house. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Warehouse Stores Are Evil

I contend that it is impossible to walk out of a warehouse store spending less than $150. That is practicing extreme restraint. It is annoying. I refuse to go more than once a month. Today was the day. That is all.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hello Spring

I felt like a change. We'll go with this template for awhile, until I get bored with it. I have a long standing obsession with changing things, reorganizing, revising, etc.. I'll try to keep it under control here on the blog. I need to get all of my widgets back in working order.

With the rolling in of March, I have a few things I'd like to get done this month. I think making myself a little list might help. I will now victimize you by forcing you to view my to do list (feel free to stop reading)...

1. Order a new swimsuit. My 30 year old body, can no longer tolerate a cheap suit.
2. Finish the upstairs reorganization project.
3. Work 40 hours to finish up my trip funding.
4. Finish planning and packing for Disney
5. Execute a trip with 4 small children.
6. Major yard work and garden planting.
7. Plan and execute food for a father/daughter dance.
8. Plan and teach a couponing class.