Sunday, March 29, 2009

Father Daughter Dance

Yesterday was crazy. Two soccer games, girl scout cookie booth, dance setup, execution, and clean up for our Brownie Troop's Father Daughter dance. It was a good time. I even cheated and danced with my girls for awhile despite not being a part of any father/daughter couple. I wore the wrong boots for dancing...ouch.

*Thanks to Grammy and Grampy for watching the babies while we danced the night away.
Juli, Daniel, and Bella, arriving at the dance.I was having trouble shooting with practically no light. Here is one of Daniel and Bella.Juli, breaking loose and shaking it.I can't say I know what this discussion was about. Clearly Jules found it hilarious.After Daniel and Juli were worn out and hungry, Bella decided to stay to the end and did some serious dancing with her girlfriends.Photographic evidence that I was there, setting up, cleaning up, doing the hokey pokey, etc.

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Shauna said...

This is sooo sweet!