Monday, March 2, 2009

Hello Spring

I felt like a change. We'll go with this template for awhile, until I get bored with it. I have a long standing obsession with changing things, reorganizing, revising, etc.. I'll try to keep it under control here on the blog. I need to get all of my widgets back in working order.

With the rolling in of March, I have a few things I'd like to get done this month. I think making myself a little list might help. I will now victimize you by forcing you to view my to do list (feel free to stop reading)...

1. Order a new swimsuit. My 30 year old body, can no longer tolerate a cheap suit.
2. Finish the upstairs reorganization project.
3. Work 40 hours to finish up my trip funding.
4. Finish planning and packing for Disney
5. Execute a trip with 4 small children.
6. Major yard work and garden planting.
7. Plan and execute food for a father/daughter dance.
8. Plan and teach a couponing class.


Leslie said...

ooo, pretty template! and i am beyond impressed that you pay for your vacations before you leave. genius!

Kimberly said...

Where do you work?

Erika said...

I work at home, for 2 companies. One is a company that does standardized testing. The other is a big corporation that I shouldn't probably name here on the blog. You can email me if you really want to know. :)