Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Interested in a 2009-2010 Preschool Co-op for 3 year olds?

Leia needs to start preschool in the fall. She is getting really bored when her sisters are at school. I ran a preschool co-op for Bella, and it worked out really well. I suppose I could enroll her in a local preschool, like we did with Jules. I thought I would put a shout out here first though, before going that route. I'm looking for 2 or 3 other moms of kids who will be 3 this upcoming school year, who want to do a Tuesday/Thursday co-op, that coincides with the local school calendar. We can rotate weeks among the 3 or 4 families, with each person hosting a week (a Tues/Thurs). When I did it last time, I just made up a calendar, and assigned each week a "theme". Each parent came up with their own lessons and activities for their days. Some of the things that I did on my days were: stories, worksheets, hands on learning activities, puzzles, games, snacks, crafts, etc. I found 2.5 hours to be a good length of time for this age group, like 9am-11:30am. Home in time for lunch and nap. If you are interested, or know anyone who is...feel free to comment. Or email me at peapodpink@gmail.com



Suzy Q said...

Chat with Angie Ward, Brooke Nelson, Brooke Nilsson (sp), Kelly Henzi (sp?). I'd love to join you but I think Phoenix needs some older ones. I'm with you on the same age thing, it makes it LOADS easier. And Homeschool Pre-school is SOOOOO much cheaper. Good Luck!

pam said...

Hey, I just saw this. I was talking to Brooke Nelson about doing something like this with Miss L. We need to get together and talk.

(plus you are so close to me....)