Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Wedding Rings Are MIA

I'm hoping that by posting this, I will jinx them back into appearing from the abyss. They must be here somewhere. They disappeared sometime since yesterday afternoon. I always put them up on my high dresser so that the little peas can't reach them. They are not there. As long as I don't put any bags of trash out until they turn up I assume they will turn up. This is a frustrating thing to be spending time on right now. I haven't lost my rings since we've lived in this house (2.5 years). It's a much bigger search area than our old house. Wish me luck!


Lelani said...

I threw mine away once. Look through the trash.

Shauna said...

I hope you find them. Mine were stolen and I am still sad about it. A new huge replacement just won't be the same