Thursday, March 12, 2009


Update: So far she's holding down all her food today and in a better mood. Daniel gave her a blessing last night, and I sanitized every door knob and toilet in the house. I have a ginormous bottle of sanitizer on the counter and keep sanitizing everyone. My hands are probably going to crack off from all the sanitizer. Back to packing.

L vomited on Sunday night in her bed. She's barely eaten all week, but hasn't thrown up again...until tonight. We DO NOT need this right now!!! This is terrible timing. Let's hope it ends quickly. My main concern is it spreading through the family.


superherotrainer said...

Interesting, W.D. threw up right after school on Monday. His was a one time thing and done. P.D. went to bed that night saying he felt sick and woke up fine(with no throwing up). U.T. woke up at three in them morning Tues. and said he felt sick. He threw up once a half hour later. He came home from school Tues, but was fine the rest of the day. The nurse at the school said that we got the mild version of it. Sorry to hear about L. With you all leaving soon I hope no one else gets it.

Leslie said...

oh no. i hope you can speed through it!