Thursday, March 5, 2009

Waiting For My New Toy

We have a very old digital video camera. We bought it right before our wedding, 8.5 years ago. It uses the digital tapes, and is generally annoying. I've been wanting one of those new cheap and easy little numbers that fits in your pocket for awhile. Our upcoming trip was a good enough reason to get one. I regularly chastise myself for not taking enough video of the kids, but look out blog readers! That is all about to change. I of course set Daniel to the task of comparison shopping and ordering it. It is easier to relegate technology purchases to him, rather than suffer through his whining that you made a bad choice. Here is what he decided on...(I can't wait to try it out)

Of course this means that the children's first names will inevitably end up on the blog via video. I've been fighting that for almost 2 years now. I've made my peace with it. With all the blogs on the internet that post people's full names and addresses, etc.. I'm just going to have to deal.

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Miracle Gro said...

Just get some editing software to bleep out their names.

Funny: The word verification for this comment was "admon". Is that the Jamaican admin?