Friday, April 17, 2009

Do you see a resemblance?

Leia and Daniel were reading "A Perfect Party" last night. It is a Disney book starring Mrs. Potts and the Beauty and the Beast crew. In her usual fashion she decided to "weed to my-sewf" after they were finished. She likes to count how many times she can find the same character pictured in the book. Her counting usually goes, "Free, two, one!" Sometimes she'll go 1 through 6 in order, than skip to fourteen. The kid loves to say "FOURTEEN!" But I digress. She was a little bit fixated on Chip last night for some reason.

I started naming the characters, and she started pointing them out. Somehow the conversation turned to Mrs. Potts being Chip's mama. As the wheels in her little noggin began to turn, she decided that I would now become represented by Mrs. Potts. Of course, this was followed immediately by labeling herself as Chip. She proceeded through the book calling all the pictures of Chip, "me-Weia" and all the pictures of Mrs. Potts, "mama". There was a sad moment when she concernedly declared herself to be "bwoken" due to Chip's signature chipped rim.

The fun continued when she decided that the rest of the family must be labeled. The beast became "daddy". Cogsworth became "Be-wah" (I expected Belle would become Bella, but NO...logic has no place here). At some point I think Lumiere became "Jewie". We asked about Xander, but she decided to ignore his existence and not assign him a character...poor kid. In her defense, the only character left was Belle, so his manliness must have excluded that possibility.

Now, the question I look like Mrs. Potts? She has a ridiculously round face, and she serves people all day...I'm thinking this kid is more perceptive than I give her credit for.

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