Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Uses for leftover ham & Confession of yet another quirk

I have this mental problem with wasting meat. I feel like I can't throw meat away, because an animal died so that we could eat it, and throwing it away is like a crime against nature or something. This presents a problem after holiday meals, because I have a very difficult time thinking of ways to use up what seems to be an endless supply of one type of meat. We really don't eat very large portions of meat as it is, so it just seems to go on and on forever.

We had a Honeybaked Ham for Easter. We had traditional leftovers on Monday, then the side dishes were largely exhausted...but not the ham. So, I chopped some of it up and converted it into shepherd's pie last night, just substituting the ham for beef. It was actually pretty good.

I still have an emotional issue with throwing away the big hunk of ham though (the part that isn't really sliced and includes the bone, but also includes a lot of meat too). So, I found this recipe for Boston baked beans using a Honeybaked ham bone. I'm going to make it tomorrow and serve it with baked potatoes and fruit salad. It will ease my conscience that it was all used up.

Fortunately, this mental issue only extends to animals and animal products. I don't have issue with throwing away anything else. But throwing out meat, milk, cheese, and eggs, makes me feel like a bad person. The issue didn't extend to milk, cheese and eggs until I had and breastfed 4 children. The amount of effort that went into sustaining their lives with milk, particularly if pumping was involved has endeared me emotionally to the dairy cows.

I think I would be a vegetarian if I didn't love meat (in small portions) so much. Life without a little bit of steak or chicken on my salads, and no baby back rib fix on occasion is not terribly appealing. I'm sure I could do it...I just don't want to. I'm also notorious for being borderline anemic all the time, which I expect might worsen with a vegetarian lifestyle. Who knows?

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Fooferoo said...

So far we've had quiche with ham and scalloped potatos with ham and still have a few pounds left over... Tonight it's ham sandwiches... I thinking I was nodding in agreement with every single word in your post!