Monday, April 27, 2009

Zoo field trip

I chaperoned Julianne's zoo field trip on Friday. Our school always has tons of volunteers, so another mom and I shared this group of 4. The boy next to her is rumored to be enamored with her. By rumored I mean, her teacher gave me the dirt in great detail at my parent teacher conference. Also, he bought her a smencil as a present...smencils are very popular around here. So, the evidence is fairly extensive, but she is largely oblivious to his pursuit of her. I would put up other pictures but: 1. I hesitate to put pictures of other people's kids on the internet without their permission and 2. I'm too lazy to photoshop their school shirts at the moment. So, pretend this photo of their backs is some type of artistic statement...m'kay? Thanks.

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