Friday, May 1, 2009

Can I die now?


Day 30: Done, done, done, DONE!!! Yay! Updated stats and photo to come.

Day 29: Spent ALL DAY hiking around the Arboretum with a group of 2nd graders, and all night hosting a sleepover party. Exercise, but no shred.

Day 28: Shredded.

Day 27: Barely sat down today, and didn't shred either. I'm lame. Aren't you supposed to finish strong? 3 more days.

Day 26: Shredded.

Day 25: Shredded.

Day 24: shred. 6 days to go!

Day 23: Shredded. I'm firming up and slimming out, but not losing any weight on the scale...probably because I didn't have any muscle before and it weighs more than fat.

Day 22: Got exercise, but not the shred.

Day 21: Shredded.

Day 20: Shredded level 3. It was more painful today because I'm sore from changing levels yesterday. I'm starting to doubt the weight loss claims on this dvd, because I haven't lost a single pound. I was only hoping to lose 3, not the 20 listed on the dvd cover, but still...annoying. I guess all my new muscles are heavy.

Day 19: Shredded. I moved to level 3 today, because I was so sick of listening to level 2. I'm not going to wasn't fun. Particularly these Sumo jump things...owww.

Day 18: Shredded. I'm going to go to level 3 on day 20.

Day 17: shred

Day 16: Shredded.

Day 15: Shredded.

Day 14:
*(I ended up with less work to do than I planned, but still didn't shred)* It is a very unusual day. I am scheduled to work 8 hours. I virtually never do this because it is so nearly impossible to pull off with my children to care for. Today will likely be the only day I do this in 2009, because I'm not an entirely crazy person. I find it unlikely that I will be shredding today, unless I do it tonight.

Day 13: I think I have this stupid DVD memorized. I usually shred first thing in the morning. Today I had to do it in the late afternoon, and it was much more painful due to already being tired before I started. I hate exercise. I can't wait until this 30 days is up so that I can switch to something less miserable.

Day 12: I'm getting sick of shredding, sigh. However, I will persevere for 30 days because I said I would. Plus, I've impressed my husband with my perseverance, you can't put a price on that.

Day 11: Oww. I'm paying for my weekend off today. Level 2 kicked my trash this time. Maybe it won't suck so much tomorrow, but I doubt it.

Day 9 & 10: Mother's Day Weekend, 4 soccer games, 1 soccer party, swimming, berry picking, church, etc, etc. Totally didn't get a chance to shred.

Day 8: This stupid blog post is keeping me honest. Every day I dread the shred, but I know I have to answer for it here. Today at Level 2 was harder, because I'm sore from yesterday's advancement.

Day 7: I advanced to level 2 today. I was super sweaty and purple when I finished, but felt fine as soon as I was done. I'll probably be sore again tomorrow though.

Day 6: I am still hating the first half of level 1, but the 2nd half does not really bother me as much anymore. I've noticed a significant lack of back pain for the past couple of days. I have had varying levels of daily back pain for the last 8 years.

Day 5: Not so sore anymore. I still huff and puff through the whole level 1 though. Planning to go to level 2 on day 7.

Day 4: Still sore as heck, but able to complete level 1 without wishing for death. Considering level 2 in a few more days.

Day 3: It's Sunday, "a day of rest"...forget the darn Shred

Day 2: Someone please put me out of my misery.

Day 1: What kind of hell have I brought upon myself?

I've read about the Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred on several blogs now. I'm not normally one to buy exercise seems so...1982 or something. However, after reading Big Mama's post on this dvd, I just had to give it a try. I have a serious self esteem issue that revolves around my baby belly. So, I picked it up at Target today, along with 2 handy little weights. I officially completed Day 1 of the 30 day shred about 20 minutes ago. Seriously guys...I can barely move my arms to type this, and my legs almost collapsed in the shower. I thought the girls might find me dead on the shower floor when they get home. Mark my words, I will complete the 30 day shred. I just hope I don't actually lose 20 pounds in the process as the cover suggests, I wouldn't look good at 88 pounds...but I bet it would fix my mom belly.


Miracle Gro said...

Jillian Michaels is not someone to be trifled with. Not only have I seen her on Biggest Loser, but she also has a weekend radio show here locally where she talks about health and fitness. She is a machine and doesn't take crap from anyone. She is like the Dr. Laura of physical health.

superherotrainer said...

Question-How much did the DVD cost? I am interested in getting one to get my butt and thighs toned. Also, Pete is doing a family competition thing to lose weight by Aug and the metabolism one might be good for him. Let me know. Online at Target right now they are 8.99. I wanted to know if they are the same at the store before I drive a twenty-five minutes to find out. Thanks.

Erika said...

Last week at Target it was "on sale" yeah right for $13. But, I didn't feel like waiting for it to come from Amazon. I put the Amazon link in this post...I think it's only $8.99 from them. I suppose it's possible Target lowered the price. Maybe you should call the store and have somebody check.