Wednesday, May 27, 2009

An Early Father's Day Post

B came home from 2nd grade with this book/story today. I'm transcribing it here, for posterity.

"My dad always tells me to have fun and do my best. My dad always tells me to be nice to my sisters. My dad always tells me to play fairly, have lots of fun doing it. He always tells me I will be an artist when I grow up because he tells that my pictures are improving and they always have been great. He tells me that he loves me so much and how good that I really will be!

My dad helps me when I need to get cereal down from the pantry. My dad helps me when I need help drawing something at home. My dad helps me when I need to get up someplace high because he lifts me into the air and sets me down where I need to get to. My dad helps me when I ask him to help turn on the tv because sometimes I can not find the remote.

If I could give my dad anything I would give him a great big hug and kiss because he is so special to me and he works to earn money for me and my family so we can live in a house and have all the nice things I have. I'd give him a hug and kiss because I love him so much! He is such a nice parent to have and to love just like he loves me.

My dad puts words in a tune to make them sound like a song. My dad has brown hair and brown eyes and he is an electrical engineer. My dad sometimes has on a striped shirt that is white and maroon, it is very nice. My dad sometimes has a beard he shaved it off though. My dad has lots of pairs of jean pants.

My dad likes to go to work. He is an electrical engineer. Sometimes we have picnics with pinatas and candy all over when someone bursts it open. My dad likes to go to work for popsicles at the picnic. He thinks they taste delicious. He likes to go to work for fun to watch us play but most of all to play volleyball!

My dad taught me to ride a bike. I was scared because I thought I would fall over. My dad let go and I rode because I thought my dad was holding me. My dad taught me to talk when I was little. He said every word to me. My dad taught me to read. I read level one books and level 2 books all the way to level 5 and I know those words very, very well."


Mary said...

What a great compliment to her dad. That was well written to the point it made me tear up.

Erika said...

I thought it was sweet. The funny thing is that if I was reading this for a particular 12th grade exam that I score, it would receive an average score. Good for her, but sad for the future of America.

emilyw said...

Seriously, I loved it! You can't get any more honest than a 2nd grader. They are so sincere and loving. Thanks for sharing it! It's beautiful!