Thursday, May 14, 2009

A gardening triumph

She's a beauty. I think it is the fact that I've struggled for years to overcome a full sized tomato brown thumb. I can grow grape and cherry tomatoes with my eyes closed.
I finally got a full sized tomato to grow and ripen in full health with no cracking or damage in this hot, hot climate! It is off of a special patio variety that I have in a container. They aren't giant tomatoes, but are definitely full sized, and there are about 20 more in various stages of development currently on the plant. Not that I don't love my easy grape and cherry tomatoes, but this is a major triumph for me since I don't drench my garden with chemicals to prevent pests and whatnot. I also have an Arkansas Traveler that is looking promising and growing tons of full sized tomatoes as we speak. We shall see if its reputation for heat tolerance pays off.

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