Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Weekend

We have soccer, soccer, and more soccer on deck for the weekend. The rainy spring has caused a back log of make up games. I don't expect to be back here until Monday. Happy Mother's Day to all!

In honor of Mother's Day, I'd like to discuss my 3 favorite things about my mother.

1. I've always known that she loved me. Always. My mother has the capacity to make her children and grandchildren feel like the center of the universe, and the purpose of her life. It is a skill that I don't think I will ever be able to fully master with the thoroughness that she has. She has a multilayer way of communicating love that is very effective.

2. She makes things that are hard look easy. I don't know how, but she always seems to have things in perfect order. As a child, I can't ever recall living in a messy house, or not having homemade dinners, or her ever forgetting things, or having to pull my clean clothes out of an unfolded basket (like my poor kids have to do on occasion.) I still think there is some secret to this that she has not revealed to me yet.

3. She is selfless and dependable. She will drop anything for us with no notice. I try not to abuse this aspect of her personality. She is psychologically incapable of putting her own needs and wants before that of her family. I think that this aspect of motherhood is dismissed in today's self worshiping society as inappropriate or unnecessary. "Meet your own needs first then serve others" seems to be the message that fills books, magazines, and television. I think that is garbage. I think that it's garbage because my mother raised me to be a hardcore mother, you put your kids first, no matter what, under all circumstances.

She did a good job. I wouldn't trade her for anyone else's mom, that's for sure. So don't ask. I'm not entertaining offers.


Shauna said...

Happy Mothers Day to you! Yes, you have an amazing mom who is also an amazing person!

carol said...

It's easy when you have such great kids and grandchildren. I love you too!