Friday, May 1, 2009

The Houston Chronicle is a Liar who Lies.

Perhaps you remember my quest for great local restaurants. I decided to start trying different places in an attempt to develop some local favorites. I've had enough of chain restaurants. So, I decided to give "Tornado Burger" a try. I figured, if the Houston Chronicle says it's the best burger in Houston (or some such claim) must be pretty good. Well, as I mentioned the Houston Chronicle is either crazy, or a liar. I got the spicy cheeseburger, because it was highly recommended by Tornado Burger fans. It was awful...really, really awful. I can tolerate a pretty good amount of spiciness, but this thing did not have a yummy spicy flavor, it had a "I just ate a mouthful of raw garlic and jalapenos" flavor. After that, I couldn't taste much, so my opinion of the rest of the meal may be invalid as I could no longer feel my tongue. The rest of the peas had regular burgers. The general consensus was...meh?. Bella stated that Grammy makes better hamburgers, clearly we should pay her more. For half the price I could have just had Burger King, and I'm not a big fan of Burger King...but it's better than Tornado Burger...6 thumbs down.

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Retep Graybeard said...

Hilarious! Your humor is killing us! Definitely, not going to try the Tornado Burger.