Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mother's Day Weekend

In an unusual weekend for me, I took no photographs. So, this post will have to go unaccompanied. We had a super busy weekend.

Friday night we went out to dinner for Mother's Day. The kids were generally well behaved. Well, the girls were quite well behaved, X had a few crying episodes...what else is new? We raced over from dinner to the soccer fields for one of B's make up games which started at 7pm. Afterward, we got some dessert at Sonic and headed home to bed.

Saturday morning we were at the soccer fields bright and early for J's 8:30am game. Then we took a little walk down the nature trail to the river and picked some more blackberries. Then, X went down for a nap, and Daniel mowed the lawn while I took my ladies to the pool. It was a good time, but we got a tiny bit of sunburn. B went crazy on the big slides, L finally agreed to go down the little slide, and J was having fun, but feeling a touch bitter about being 2 inches too short for the big slides. I told her that she would likely be tall enough next year. Saturday afternoon B had 2 more soccer games and a soccer party that ate up the whole rest of the day. The last thing we did Saturday was stop off for flowers and a card for Grammy and dropped them off at her house.

Sunday was great. For Mother's Day I got lots of kisses and hugs, dozens of cards and crafts, flowers, and a new lens for my camera (which has not technically arrived yet). Daniel and the kids made a nice dinner, which they prepared before church (and set the oven timer to cook while we were gone). They even set the table and served the food onto everyone's plates so that I didn't have to make up all the kid plates like I normally do. It's the details like that which make things special. I can't remember the last time that I was able to sit down at my own table and eat without having to do anything...I'm going to say never. The only bad part was that I had to wake up this morning and go back to reclaiming my house from a weekend of barely being home, which always creates the worst kind of mess. It was worth it. Back to the laundry.

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