Tuesday, June 2, 2009

30 day shred wrap-up

I have officially completed the Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred, or as I like to call it...the 30 day DREAD. I absolutely hated it, every single time. But I did it, and I am back with a before and after photo of my "trouble area", also known as "I gave birth to 4 children via c-section in the last 8 years and my stomach looks awful". As you can see below, the evidence of baby belly is not completely gone, but I have experienced a significant improvement for a 30 day time period. I do not think that I ever want to see that DVD again though. Do you think I should do a giveaway?

On the down side: I did not lose a single pound, so I wouldn't necessarily recommend it if you just have a few pounds to lose. I gained so much muscle that the actual fat loss did not register on the scale, and I'd still like to lose 3 pounds and recapture my favorite weight...105 lbs.

On the up side: I lost a few inches in the middle...which was the main reason I did this in the first place. I also feel good about the fact that I can now do push ups, my back problems have improved significantly with my increased strength, I have visible calf muscles (didn't even know my stick skinny calves were capable of that), and biceps, etc. It is certainly a short and very effective workout, if you can do it and maintain your will to live.

Weight: 108 lbs
Waist: 27.5 in
Love handles: 31.5in

Weight: 108 lbs
Waist: 26.5 in
Love handles: 29.5 in

My summer workout plan involves riding my bike a lot while dragging a trailer full of 2 kids, and finding another dvd to do a few times per week that will be less miserable and focus mainly on my continuing effort to regain an awesomely flat stomach. Feel free to toss out suggestions. :)


Haas & Co. said...

You look GREAT! I'll buy the DVD from you- my body would thank me! ;)

Leslie said...

i'd love to try that dvd too. do you think netflix has it? or i'd enter your giveaway! your results are awesome!

ok, how funny, my word verification is fatie. not that you are, of course, my mini friend. :)

mushbelly said...

You look awesome! And for having 4 pregnancies and c-sections, your stomach looks awesome, even in the before. Your skin is so smooth and healthty.

I did the 30 day shred video once. It sucked. I think I'll do it again today. Thanks for the inspiration.

Erika said...

Netflix does have it Leslie :) I almost Netflixed it, but it is only $8.99 at Amazon, and like $12 at Target, and I didn't feel like burning up my Netflix membership keeping one DVD for 30 days, lol.

Gardener said...

way to go Erika! Keep it up. have you ever heard of "cross fit"? I have a few friends who swear by it.

Haas & Co. said...

Nancy, my friends own a crossfit gym here but it is outrageously expensive!!

Ohhh, it's on netflix? I have been meaning to check since you very first announced that you were doing it, but obviously I never got around to it. Time to change our netflix to unlimited for the summer so I can get this DVD.

Erika said...

I had not heard of crossfit. I'll look into it, thanks. :)

Kate said...

Wow! Nice results! I think my thigh is 26.5 inches around, but I'm not about to measure. Anyway you look awesome!

(Oh, hi, I'm prettykatemachine from bbc.)

Erika said...

Welcome to the visitors :) Thanks for stopping by and encouraging my efforts.

Suzy Q said...

Awesome Possum!!! The inches is what it's all about when you only weigh 108. :) I gave up after 2 weeks. So kudos to you for going the whole 30. Try "Shape Your Abs" or "Paula Abduls get up and Dance"