Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baptism Pictures

Long time, no see. The kids finished school 10 days ago, and I've been scarce since. They did an art camp last week, which was fun. I don't know that is was worth the cost, or as impressive as I'd hoped, but they enjoyed it nonetheless. My MIL is in town this week. She arrived Friday night to be here for Bella's baptism, which went well. I know I've missed a lot of blogging recently, but the thought of trying to catch up makes me want to quit all together. So, I will just start fresh from here, with a couple of pictures from after the baptismal service. My camera battery died, so I only have a few pictures. I'm going to do a little photo shoot of her in her dress sometime this week, then I'll post a solo shot of her. TTFN.


Suzy Q said...

She looks so big and grown up. Congratulations!!! So sorry we missed it. Hope it was a good day all around.

Leslie said...

cute pics, and i love your dress!

Erika said...

Thanks. Kohl's.